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About Us - The Wylie View, LLC

The Wylie View, LLC is an Internet community message board bringing people of Wylie, Texas and the surrounding communities together online. Registered Wylie View Members share information about the ongoings of Wylie, TX, the school district, businesses and their own personal lives.

Members use the message board to express their feelings and opinions on issues ranging from local taxes to gloabl terrorism to finding a recipe for pecan pie. Though The Wylie View is not a news source, we have members who are quick to keep others apprised of the ongoings of our area such as upcoming city events, announcing a new business, even traffic/construction alerts.

The Wylie View takes prides in being able to offer assistance to families in need, reunite lost pets with loved ones, and donate time, money and goods to local charities as well as to each other.

Online relationships have been made, some of which have lead to users meeting in social settings and building lasting relationships.

The Wylie View is more than just a place to visit on the Internet. There is something here for everyone!


The Wylie View was started in the summer of 1998. Alicia White was learning web design and wanted a web site to showcase the Wylie Fire Department photos she had taken for a photojournalism class. Alicia came up with the name The Wylie View and started posting the photos for her friends and family to see.

Soon after, Alicia wanted to learn a little more about her community and wondered how others felt about their city. She posted an opinion poll and noticed she got a few hits. It was then she decided to start a free message board so people could share their opinions.

More members meant more upkeep – it was too much for one person. In 2003, Alicia enlisted the help of two other members, Joel and Tamo, to assist with the registration of new members and the daily monitoring of posts.

In February 2006, four moderators were added to help with the ever increasing topics being discussed. Joel, Tamo and Alicia needed help because the membership base had increased dramatically. With that Mrs_T, marknjul, Mortimer and ericbrown97 were invited to assist in the daily operations.

In July 2006, a Limited Liability Corporation was formed. Press Release. The LLC initially had 11 members: President Mrs_T, Vice-President Mortimer, Secretary CThor, Treasurer jeffpcox, Sergeant of Arms PKGuy323, DTT, man_kash, marknjul, Joel, Rick White and Alicia.

Now serving The Wylie View are nine members committed to maintaining a respectable message board for its diverse group of members with the goal to be a good steward to the community of Wylie, Texas in which it serves.



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